Entrées Recipes

Tilapia Al Forno with Crispy Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I saw the Tilapia Al Forno recipe in the Wegman’s Menu Magazine and thought it sounded quick and tasty.  Al forno means “from the oven” and the recipe only called for 3 things; basting oil, panko bread crumbs and fish. It also boasted being ready in 7-12 minutes. I prepared some simple Brussels sprouts and a Mediterranean side salad to accompany the crispy topped moist white fillet. Not sure if you like Brussels Sprouts? Give them a go and comment below your final thoughts. When roasted they have a wonderful sweet flavor that we love. Not  to mention they are healthful cruciferous veggies; packed with fiber, phytochemicals and vitamins like K & C (could lower your risk for cancers). I also think they are super cute and  I’m pretty sure I would have loved them as a kid; it’s like eating a whole cabbage in one little bite. Take that Peter Rabbit!


Scallops with Sweet Corn & Jicama Succotash

When seared with a light pepper crust, the creamy and sweet sea scallops pair perfectly with this crunchy jicima and Farmer’s Market veggie and sweet corn succotash.

Started with:
  • fresh sweet corn off the cob
  • sliced zucchini
  • cubed jicama (crisp, sweet root veggie like a cross between a potato and an apple)
  • minced garlic
  • scallops (5-6 per person)
  • 2 pans heating to medium-high


Spray pans with olive oil
Add all veggies to one, stirring as needed until browned and tender crisp, about 4 minutes.

Turn other pan to high heat, Salt & Pepper Scallops, spray pan with olive oil, and add scallops, searing each side. Flip when releases from pan and browned, about 2 minutes a side

Last minute of veggies cooking you can sprinkle Parmesan cheese over top to melt and brown.


Simple & Yummy!

Sorry the pictures are not the best for this post, I was visiting and used the camera on hand and not the highest heating pans…pretend the scallops are seared and veggies colored to perfection : ).


Entrées Recipes

Shrimp & Avocado Enchiladas with Salsa Verde & Mexican Rice

Mom and dad had been raving about the Tiger Shrimp Elegante Enchiladas they had eaten at El Charro in Tuscon AZ. Mom wanted to make some and had purchased a jar of Salsa Verde for that purpose. Loving a good challenge, I told her we were going to make our own sauce to make it as authentic as possible. I looked up the description on the El Charro website: “Jumbo shrimp with Applewood bacon and chunks of avocado in delicious green sauce”.


Entrées Recipes

Simple Summer Dinner: Grilled Mahi Mahi & Garden Zucchini

This summer, our friends were kind enough to share some fresh Mahi Mahi they caught. Yum!  A typical summer dinner at our house is grilled veggies and protein like boneless chicken breasts. This was an extra special treat! A little spicy citrus seasoning and some simple zucchini from the garden paired perfectly.

Recipes Salads

Two Bears Shrimp Salad with Key Lime Vinaigrette

When I was visiting with mom she remembered a salad she had somewhere in Rehobeth beach with a delicious citrus vinaigrette. So we decided to create a Key-Lime Vinaigrette to go with a light seafood salad. It turned out fabulous, even Meat & Potato-sarus dad loved it, so I have since recreated it at home for my slowly transitioning omnivorous-but-ok-with-a-few-salad-based-meals-and-even-a-complete-herbivorous-one-occasionally hubby….