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Great Harvest

During Farmer’s Market season, AJ and I love to get up on a Saturday morning and head over to downtown Warrenton. We stop into Great Harvest Bread company for a cup of coffee and then walk over to peruse the tables of fresh local produce. If you haven’t ventured into Great Harvest yet, go take a peak. You’ll be  happily greeted by the friendly employees and enveloped in the warm and heavenly scent of baking bread and goodies. Then, you’ll be asked what you would like to sample. Now they say “sample” but many times that means a full size slice of peach cobbler bread or huge broken bits of molasses or pumpkin cookies or butterscotch chip scones. Or maybe a little of each. Yum. We’ve also purchased a few muffins and scones on occasion which are yummy but super sweet. Get a cup of black coffee with them.

Muffins and Coffee before an early morning hike. "Gotta move my feet AJ! Weeeee..."


One day Pablo overheard me talking to a friend over coffee about my blog. He was kind enough to give me a free loaf of bread to review and after sampling a slice of the Spinach Feta Bread I was sold. (for Free.99 to boot 🙂 )

“Great Harvest Bread Co. is the new Old-Fashioned Bakery in Old Town Warrenton, Virginia. Every day, we stone-grind 100% whole wheat into fresh, nutrient rich flour and use it to make phenomenal breads and sweet treats from scratch!”

It’s made with their yummy flour, spinach, honey, yeast, sea salt, feta, eggs from free range hens, garlic, oregano and black pepper. The packaging says there are about 18 servings in the loaf and each one has about 120 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. We ate it in about a week so I think our servings were more than 2 oz. however.

Now the good stuff. My mother and AJ will confirm, I am very particular about bread. I never was one for subs or sandwiches as a kid and I rarely eat them as an adult. I like a good artisan bread with a crusty outside and I usually toast it so every surface is  browned and slighly crisp with a good soft chewy interior. And it must be warm.

However, this bread was delish solo. It was moist and tender like a good cake yet sturdy and chewy like the interior of my favorite artisan breads. It needed no accouterments and no toasting to be perfection. We could have easily snacked on it plain but that sounded like a bad plan. : )

I served it on the side of soups and salads and tried it toasted with eggs for breakfast. It was scrumptious in every application.


 Wednesday is Spinach Feta day so go grab a loaf, they go fast! 


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Wondered where I can get the spinach feta bread or recipe. I live in Cherokee, NC. My sister sends this to me when someone is coming my way, but it isn’t very often. It is a wonderful bread with everything.

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