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Chicken Soup with homemade Semolina Noodles

Many times I make this soup after we have had a Roaster for supper and cut most of the meat off. In this case I bought a small fryer chicken just to make this soup for a friend and her family and saved some of the meat for a later meal. It made a huge pot, enough to feed their family of 4 with leftovers and some for our dinner as well.



  • 1 fryer chicken (2-4 lbs.) or left over roaster chicken (5 lbs and up)
  • carrots
  • celery
  • green beans
  • fresh herbs, salt & pepper
  • garlic
  • onions
  • noodles

First I cut up the chicken, seasoned heavily with salt and pepper, and browned in my stainless pan:

 When both sides were done browning, I threw in some fresh sage.

 I removed 1 half of the chicken to save for a later meal and filled the pot with water, brought to a boil and then let simmer for an hour or so. (This is where you would throw in your leftover chicken roaster/carcass). This brings all of the rich nutrients from the bones and marrow into your cooking water, creating your stock.

 After 2 hours, turn off the heat, remove all chicken and let cool to the touch. Pour your stock into a fat separator (or put pot in fridge overnight; in the morning you will be able to just scoop the fat off the top) and pick all of your meat off the bones.

In a non-stick soup pot over medium heat, start cooking celery, onions and garlic, stirring often.

Not much waste, just bones and a bit of skin to throw away

 Add the de-fatted liquid and chicken meat to the aromatics in the soup pot.

 Season to taste with salt & pepper and a bit of sage.

 Add frozen carrots and green beans

(I buy the HUGE 10 lb. bag of carrots from Costco, clean and slice lickidy-split in my food processor, stick straight in the freezer and then they are ready to throw into everything from soups to stir-frys!) 

Then I thew in AJ’s homemade semolina noodles which had also been frozen….

Mmmmmm…a complete, healthy, one-pot meal and good for anything that ails you!

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