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Crockpot Pulled Pork BBQ- "Set it and forget it!"

Love pulled bbq? It’s easy and inexpensive to make and a perfect meal for a busy work day or for feeding a crowd. The thick, juicy meat, sticky with smoky, spicy bbq sauce, is perfect paired with crunchy, coleslaw on a chewy pretzel roll.



Take a large cut of beef (brisket, round, chuck) and stick in your crockpot. Season heavily with pepper and salt. Turn on low for 5-8 hours.


Make your dough for pretzel rolls mmmm……


5-8 hrs later, lift out the crockpot, scrape/cut off any fat and use a fork to break apart meat. Pour the yummy juices into a fat separator (awesome invention; fat rises to top and then you can just pour the flavor right back into your gravy, sauce, soup etc.)


Pour the meat juice back into the crockpot with the meat, pour a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce over, stir and set for another hour or so. If it still looks wet (like below), take the lid off to let moisture cook off a bit until thickened, sticky and yummy!

Serve on pretzel rolls with coleslaw….
Sorry no final picture, but just like books are always better than their movies, imagine the thick, juicy meat, sticky with smoky, spicy bbq sauce, offset by crunchy, cooling coleslaw on a chewy, salted, toasted pretzel roll. Perfect for a cold day!

*You’re Welcome*


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