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Chicken Fried Steak: Cooking on the Farm with Grandpabear

As long as I can remember, Grandpa always made us Chicken Fried Steak and fresh from the garden new potatoes when we visited, almost always the first night of our stay. Grandma was an amazing cook and did the rest of the dishes and dinners, so usually her delicious apple, cherry or rhubarb pie would accompany this supper.

Father & Son…Classic indeed.

I got the chance to visit Grandpa on the farm in Neola for 2 days with mom & dad this summer…

Grandpa always makes his traditional Chicken-Fried Steak (yes, it’s beef not actually chicken), mashed New Potatoes from his garden to soak up the goodness, fresh steamed corn on the cob and a steakhouse salad (iceburg, a tomato and Dorthoy Lynch dressing… and I always sneak some carrots, cheese and any other veggies we can find on ours : )

Grandpa takes the round steak, and trims off fat…

Then takes his meat tenderizer to it and *WHACK*WHACK*WHACK* until it’s flat and well, tenderized…

He melts some butter in skillet…(probably will add some corn oil too).

Meanwhile mom mashed up the boiled taters with a touch of milk and some garlic salt…(yes that mixer is from the 60’s, as Grandma had labeled the case with the date and whom it was gifted by : )

When butter is melted and turning slightly brown, Grandpa cut the steak into pieces, dredged in flour and added to the pan to fry.

Then flip, and brown other side….

An Iowa feast!

Thanks Grandpabear!

And yes, now it’s time to go for a walk and look at some corn of course…

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