Bugle Bolognese

My dad recently brought us some of his elk meat and I made a tradional Ragu bolognese sauce; a meat based sauce with a small amount of tomato.

One of the benefits of growing up with The Great White Hunter as your dad is the sheer culinary multifariousness offered. Chicken or Venison? Pork Chops or Duck Gumbo?

Throw in the ever curious hunting/trapping brother and you can have Frog Legs or Catfish? I’ll spare the bull frog story, but lets just say they croak, well until they croak. And although I enjoyed being startled every time I opened the freezer, discovering a new and sometimes whole creature staring back at me (squirrels, snake, deer heads…), I must say I was glad when Ryan’s interests left taxidermy and moved onto something new!


Yes, my friends that was my first gun; the Daisy Red Ryder pump action BB gun, Christmas ’93 (age  9)

Sugar & Spice…

and everything nice!


“That’s right, I said I’ll have meat for my supper.”

Bugle Bolognese 
 I sautéd one onion and 3 garlic cloves in some olive oil over low heat.
Added 1 lb. ground elk meat. (it’s OK to use beef, I won’t judge ; )
Chopped a few cups of Juliette and Sweet 100 tomatoes from the garden, added them and 1 can of tomato puree, about a tablespoon dried rosemary and salt.
I let it simmer while I cooked my pasta (Barilla Plus in the yellow box) and then spooned the sauce over the drained pasta, grated some fresh Parmesan and Reggiano….

Thanks Papabear! 

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Jennifer, Thanks for the recipe and story. It’s great to see your love of the outdoors is more than being a spectator. Mac and his brothers have their own shooting range right off our deck. We can supply you with all the venison you can handle here.

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