Stuffed Peppers, Flank Steak, Stuffed Mini Peppers & Layer Salad: Grilling on Location with Papabear

Mini sweet peppers stuffed with spicy pepperjack cheese, marinated juicy flank steak and buttery sauteed mushrooms served with a crunchy layer salad…a perfect meal after a busy day! It was a great menu for a day of touring on the ATV’s because the steak was marinating, salad was made the day before and actual cooking time was less than 10 minutes.

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Low Fat Fudgy Chocolate Bread

This is taken from Bethenny Frankel’s recipe. The first time I stayed close to her original recipe but made it into a quick bread that my husband and I ate warm from the oven like a molten fudge cake; digging our spoons into before it made it to the cooling rack…YUM. No wonder this is a favorite of Marissa Hargitay’s (Law & Order SVU ; ). The second time I added some shredded zucchini (too much!) and it wasn’t quite as fudgy, but warm and dense and crumbly. My 3rd attempt (coming soon with pictues) I will add about 1/2 cup of zucchini and it should be almost perfect! I took out the oil, cut the sugar a little and sprinkled a bit of cinnamon sugar on top to intensify the flavor.



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Balsamic & Honey Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

I love Saturday mornings,  AJ makes cappuccinos while I cook eggs, homemade toast and hickory- smoked pepper bacon….then we’ll head down to the Warrenton Farmer’s market to get some fresh produce for the week. This particular Saturday we got some beautiful beets, green beans, poblano peppers and salad greens. I decided to make a roasted beet salad for a cookout we were going to that night and it turned out pretty delicious!

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AJ’s Birthday Supper: Grilled Stuffed Poblano & Jalapeño peppers, Grilled Flank Steak & Red Onion Salad, Ciabatta Bread, Devil’s Food Cake with Whipped Espresso Buttercream

For AJ’s 26th Birthday I surprised him with behind home-bench tickets to DC United vs. AC Milan. (3-2 win!) For his birthday dinner I made Grilled Stuffed Poblano & Jalapeño peppers, Grilled Flank Steak & Red Onion Salad, Ciabatta Bread and a sumptuous, dark chocolate cake with a rich, fluffy coffee frosting sprinkled in slivers of dark chocolate and espresso beans; Devil’s Food Cake with a Whipped Espresso Buttercream.



Squash with Spicy Black Beans

Sweet and nutty baked Acorn squash stuffed with a spicy Mexican blend of beans, corn and tomatoes, topped with cheese and crispy salted seeds.


Squash with Spicy Black Beans
This low and slow heat caramelizes the natural sugars and will be a perfect balance with the spicy beans.
  • Squash, Acorn or Butternut
  • One can of black beans (or ½ cup dried prepared)
  • One can of diced tomatoes w/liquid
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Chili Powder
  • 1 Smoked Chipotle pepper in Adobo sauce
  • dash Cocoa Powder
  • Cheese
  • Reserved seeds
  1. Halve a butternut or acorn squash; scoop out seeds and reserve. Place cut side down in a baking dish and angle a bit against each other or the side of the dish so steam can escape.
  2. Bake at 300 degrees for 2 hours
  1. Combine all in saucepan, simmer for a minimum of 15 minutes. Like any good sauce, the longer it has to simmer the more the flavors will meld; I like to do at least an hour. Adjust the amount of seasonings to your tastes- it's hard to say how much of each I use, I just sprinkle it in until it smells right : ).
  2. After 2 hours, pull your squash out of the oven, flip over, spoon the filling into the squash, and grate cheddar, Pepper Jack or Manchego cheese over top.
  3. Stick back in the oven and broil until cheese is melted and browned.
  1. Wash in a sieve or small colander, pulling any fibers off with your fingers. Spread on a cookie sheet, spray with Olive Oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake/broil until browned and crispy, 5-10 minutes. (I usually do this while I brown the cheese on the squash as well) Sprinkle on squash when ready to serve (otherwise they will become soggy).