How I Met Your Puppy

As Mac and Sadie approached 11.5 and 12 years old, we talked about getting another, young lab to help ease the transition of the loss of one or both of our sweet loves. But, when Mac suddenly and tragically passed in December of 2011, we grieved hard. We never foresaw the devastating state of our hearts as we wept with one another for our dog. Our sweet, always lovable polar bear, Mac-ee-doodle. 

After many tears and heartache (and about the time Sadie started invited herself to sleep on the couch), we knew we needed another dog to help ease the huge hole he left, especially for Sadie (or so we told each other). I emailed Lab Rescue ( ) and went through the process of extensive application, interview, references etc. while also looking and emailing about dogs on at local shelters. We thought we wanted one about 2/3 yrs old, not a puppy, that would be tio much work! We met a few but they weren’t the right fit for Sadie or us. (one young dog/puppy sent Sadie over the edge). Once our Lab Rescue application went through we started picking dogs on their site we wanted to meet. It was a rough 2 months for some reason (now we know) as dogs got adopted before we had a chance to meet them, our adoption coordinator wouldn’t get back to us…etc. etc. Meanwhile, AJ’s over two week Africa missions trip loomed (all members of the family, including other dogs must be present to meet the adoptable dog). I was obsessivly checking the website daily, getting my hopes up and again and again the dogs didn’t work out. Our “last ditch” was to go to the event at the Fairfax Petco a week before AJ was to leave…when a blizzard hit and they canceled.

A week later, I was at the barn with my best friend Christina and a mutual friend mentioned her next door neighbor was fostering some puppies…”puppies?!” “what kind?”…”LABS?!”….”what color?!” “YELLOW?!” I didn’t get my hopes up this time, but when I got home, I looked at them online (adorable) and sent an email application and FB note to the girl fostering them. Meanwhile, AJ is 2 days into his Africa trip with no idea I’m still on the hunt. One morning, almost 2 weeks later, I’m walking Sadie, and I hear God telling me to give it UP. So I pray that when it’s the right time for a dog, the perfect dog for us, AJ, me and Sadiekins could He please hand deliver it in our lap. I won’t look on the website anymore, I want our adoption coordinator to just call and it be the one. Amen.
The very next morning, I get a phone call from the friend of the neighbor saying, do you want to come see the 2 puppies they’re still here and she said your application was good. “Yes. I’ll come after work.” Sheepish smile at God…hmmm….

  So Christina and I went to visit them, Sadie in tow and as soon as I met them I knew I liked the somewhat calmer (for a 3 month old!) cuter (in my eyes:) pup. We petted and played with them a bit and within 10 minutes, Christina had negotiated for me to take the dog THAT day….there was a few quick phone calls and all we had to do was wait for the adoption lady to bring by a contract….so we went in the yard and played, introduced Sadie (she was fine, mostly ignored him, and he was cautious about her and Christina’s big shepherd, Anna). Within 45 min. I had a dog.
Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I stopped at Petco, picked up food and a toy, called my neighbor to drop off a crate they had offered a month before and then looked over at the sweetest little face curled up on the passenger seat and said “Thank you God!….Oh my gosh a puppy?! What do I do with a puppy?!”
Five days later I had settled into the waking myself up every 4 hours for teetee breaks, coming home from work 2x a day for walks, establishing house and yard rules and enjoying the snuggles of quite possibly the cutest Huckleberry God had ever created. Enter husband with no idea…

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And thus began our journey into lab puppy rearing.